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Roof Consulting

Roof Inspections

Victory Exteriors will provide a thorough cleaning and inspection of your roof, and you’ll receive a written report which documents all existing roof issues. The inspection report is presented in detail including pictures. Repair cost estimates and a roof life expectancy summary are also provided. Replacement cost estimates are provided on roofs with less than five years remaining life. Roof inspections are critical and must be done regularly.

Core Sampling

What lies beneath the surface of your roof? You need to know! And you cannot determine that by looking at it.

Why do core sampling?

  • to design and put into place an effective preventive maintenance program.
  • to reveal precisely why your roof is failing.
  • to assure that all materials have been correctly applied.
  • to provide correct fastening system information and wind uplift ratings to your agent when obtaining insurance coverage.
  • to help clarify the life expectancy of the roof.
  • to verify the roof make up, age, insulation R-value and condition of all existing components.
  • to establish what must be removed and disposed of when re-roofing.
  • to determine the correct fastening system for the deck.

Did you know?

Core samples are generally two inches in diameter and must be taken at a strategic location for optimum results.

Preventive Maintenance

We will design a preventive maintenance program, or inspect the roof according to the dictates of the program you have in place. Either way, we’ll present you with the necessary steps required to ensure proper maintenance and extend the life of the roof. A preventive maintenance program will add years to the life of your roof.


Look to Victory Exteriors at budget time … we can help! We’ll inspect, detail necessary repairs and provide pictures and cost estimates. In short, we’ll give you everything you need in the way of backup to substantiate the Roof Repair/Preventive Maintenance or Capital Expense budget line items. Think Victory Exteriors at budget time … and call us for your roof budgeting needs.

Due Diligence

As part of the due diligence process, Victory Exteriors will conduct a thorough inspection of the roof and provide a full report, including details on immediate and/or long-term repairs. A cost estimate will also be included, along with an estimate of the anticipated life of the roof.